Japan 4

A random shrine I saw next to the Fish Market

I remember when i was back at home one of the biggest things for me to do was fantasize about the ancient east. I was spoon fed myths in my cartoons and video games about the ancient culture and mystic society. But when you arrive here you see that modern day society is as far removed from it as America is removed from…lets say historical reenactments. That is to say it’s there…preserved for historical and aesthetic reasons but thats not really an every day thing. The same was true in Japan, but that didn’t stop me from enjoying even the little touristy historical sites.  Read more of this post


Japan 3

I wonder if maybe it was a bad idea to make you guys vote. Now I’m trying to get all the posts done at once so I can show them off. Oh well.

So recreation in Japan!

I tried to keep this one as vague as I possibly could because it’s something that immensely interested me and is HUGE in Japan. Also I’m saving all the Shrines and temples for last. Read more of this post

Japan 2

Alright well the votes are in…at least as of Thursday 11:30pm KST so I’ll tell you guys about Japanese Popular Culture. I suppose it’s a little hard to talk on this as it’s really connected to Japanese recreation but there were some things that stuck out to me. Things that gave me a feeling of a living culture apart from the buildings or historical sites. I’m not sure exactly how to categorize it, so I hope calling it Pop Culture will suffice. Read more of this post

Japan: Part 1

It’s apparent that a lot has been happening back hope to affect me. However, I think now I should focus back on my travels and to do so I will have to talk about my latest exploits…in Tokyo, Japan.

I attempted to keep it a secret for as long as I could but I didn’t go alone so many of my photos were leaked onto social media platforms and those of you smart enough to check the flickr photo stream were able to see practically 200 photos I took in my 5 day trip. Yes…almost 200 photos and double that if you count the ones taken by my friends. Read more of this post

What I would have said at the funeral.

Its hard sometimes to say goodbye to the people we love, especially when we knew we loved them but had spent so much of our lives never truly understanding why. Read more of this post

This is for you Tim.

Dear Tim,

There are many people who read my blog, from loved ones to friends to family members I have known since my earliest waking memory. But there is one person I am writing this blog for. One person who I would gladly and willing take this personal forum of mine and write a personal letter to, and that friend is you Tim.

Read more of this post

So I guess I’m 24?

Well I promised a new post before the end of the week I am delivering…well at least I hope I can. These post usually take me some time to make so I hope I can finish this all in one day. I’m at work right now, but I’m just desk warming no classes today and also I have my lesson plans for the next two weeks finished so I have a little bit of time. So lets see what we can do! Read more of this post