Spring Photo Dump!


I ment to post these up a long time ago. But as usual the posts take me a little time to make. Sorry everyone…things are pretty busy here. But I haven’t forgotten about you all! I haven’t done a video conference in two weeks so I know I’m long overdue for one. I know I’m missed when even Rodney leaves me a comment. lol

Well here are some of the photos I took last week. These were taken during the Cherry Blossom festival. I know you all (or atleast I had) these fanciful images of Asia in spring, covered in bright pink cherry blossoms, with big events and traditional food…and the truth is…you’re right! The Cherry blossom festival here is as big as it is back in the states…if not bigger.

Below are just a couple of candids I shot of the trees during the day.

Because I knew my mother would love them I took some photos of the flowers as well. As you walk along the Han River (the huge river that cuts through Seoul) they blocked off some of the streets with these huge flowerpots that were stuffed to the brim with flowers.


As you can tell the street vendors were out and as usual they were in full force. But this time they had some new unusual treat. I wasn’t able to taste it or even find out the name but I’ll let you take a look.

I hope you can see it. I am trying to make the images for this post a little bigger so you can see some of the details. (But if you want to see the maximum size go to my flickr account.) But as you can see there are the usual corn dogs, some French fries and if you look closely squid tentacles in a cub. But the main course is of course boiled grubs! The smell wasn’t that great and I’m told the taste is average, but I couldn’t bring myself to try it.


So the event was kind of weird, because the path headed to the cherry blossom festival had tons and tons of Cherry blossoms…but the festival didn’t have many. Ironic huh? Anyway the festival seemed to be a pretty interesting platform for various charities and it looked pretty cool. They had live music blastic all day so it was still pretty fun.

Ofcourse there was much more to see than flowers and cherry blossoms.

It was an all out day for street performers. This guy simply pulled out a radio and a soccer ball and did some pretty mind blowing things with it…like the snake…with a soccer ball still on his head.

I’m still not sure what exactly to define this as but I’m going to call it an interpretive dance for recycling…They took a stage area and littered it with garbage. Then a girl with a dress made out of newspapers started collecting it and rubbing it over her body in this really slow really…unusual dance. Then she ripped off the dress and sprinkled the stage with waster. it was really…interesting…

There was a buddhist monk there..and he wasn’ doing much. But it’s always interesting to see them. I was really thinking about doing whats called a temple stay. They let you live in a buddhist temple of your choice. If you do some chores they’ll let you stay there free for a few weeks and meditate with them.

Later on in the evening the Korean national Orchestra gave a free concert. Sorry the picture wasn’t a little bit closer to the stage but the sound was fantastic. They even had some opera. It blew me away.

When it finally got dark the park around the actual festival turned on these multicolored lights at the  base of the trees. They honestly looked cooler at night than they did during the day.

There is one more picture I would like to post up but in the intrest of keeping my anonymity on this site safe I’ll just have to describe the event to you guys. Those of you who know where to find it can look it up and share it with others. So while looking up at the cherry blossoms one my my friends stands really close to a light on the floor. This light was orange and gave him a really menacing look, so I took a photo.  I wanted one of myself so I stood above the light and made a really evil looking face and stared in the distance…next thing I know a native Korean woman took a photo of me. Well before I knew it, two fo my friends and I were staring menacingly into a croud of native Koreans who took photos by us. I threw a hat down and people actually threw us change. Whispering to each other in English (which might as well have been spanish to the Koreans) we all smiled simultaniously and I swear…even without my glasses I saw old ladies shivering. Eventually we left and gave all the money in the hat to a near by begging crippled man. So fun was had and good deeds were done. It was a night to remember if there ever was one.

Alright well that seems like enough for now. I know it’s been a while family and friends so i’ll make it up to you. I promise one more blog post before the end of the week, so continue to check back. It’ll be a collection of odd photos, some taken by me and some by my friends that will hopefully describe some interesting pictures of the little differences in the culture from here and back home.

6 Responses to Spring Photo Dump!

  1. Deloris says:

    Ryan, thanks for the beautiful pictures and the narrative. Especially thank you for the flowers. It was like getting a bouquet of flowers for Mother’s Day or my birthday. I miss you and hope to Skype with you soon, especially on your birthday. Your Dad is doing better, he even went to church with me on Sunday. Randy Pike really enjoys your blog. Robert from church joined the Marines. Hope to hear from you on your birthday. Your Dad and I will be up at 500 on 4/29/11 looking at the wedding of Prince William. Maybe we can talk then. Love you. PS Didn’t mail the box since it will cost $200; Think it is cheaper to put money in your account for birthday. You can buy summer clothes with that. Let’s talk. Love you

  2. B says:

    enjoyed the post. The followers were very pretty.

  3. Marty says:

    Thanks for the post. Looked like a beautiful day in SK. Can you send me the link to your flickr account.

  4. Mary says:

    Hi Ryan! I’m glad to know you are doing good. I really enjoyed your post. The cherry blossoms and flowers are absolutely beautiful and the festival looked like it was very entertaining. I would have loved to see the multicolored lights shine on the cherry blossom trees, I bet that was unbelievable. I always look forward to reading your posts. I am learning alot about the Korean culture, thanks to you. Take care!!

  5. Jackie Brewington says:

    I enjoyed those photos Ryan. I love flowers just like your mom. You are becoming quiet a photographer. Take care and luv ya:)

  6. KiofNC says:

    Great post as usual…the story about the light and the menacing looks was very funny!

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