Skype Today

I suppose this post is more so for my mother than for anyone else…unless those other people have Skype.

Hey mom I literally just woke up, the time is exactly 7:45am so over there the time is now 5:45pm. See! I can wake up early when it’s needed! I want to get on Skype after I take a shower and talk to you and anyone else that I can. I don’t think I can talk for too long because breakfast lasts from 8am-10. So I’ll probably try to get on from 8:15-8:30am. SO that means for your time I will be on Skype  starting at 6:15 pm EST.

My stomach is feeling loads better by the way. No problems what so ever. See you guys on Skype!

3 Responses to Skype Today

  1. Rajean (Your Niece) says:

    We Miss You Uncle Ryan!

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